Percussion Credits

  • Percussion Performances

    July 2018-November 2018  Los Angeles, CA
        Percussionist for Tamika J

    March-August 2014  Chicago/Evanston, IL
         Drummer for blue grass band Green Leaf Band

    May 2014     Chicago, IL
         Guest percussionist with the Chicago Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

    Sept. 2009- May 2014     Chicago, IL  
         Percussionist in Columbia College Chicago's Percussion Ensemble

    May 2013     Chicago, IL   
          Percussionist in original recording of "How To Date a Coloratura" by Philip Seward   
          Percussionist in composer Michael Alexander's senior recital

    April 2013     Chicago, IL   
         Percussionist in woodwind performer Jackie Kaleta's senior recital

    Nov. 2012     Skokie, IL           
         Drum Set Player in "The Wizard of Oz" Orchestra Pit

    Spring 2012     Chicago, IL   
         Percussionist in Columbia College Chicago's New Music Ensemble

    Spring 2010     Chicago, IL   
         Percussionist at United Airlines Convention for Pursers 

    Summer 2007     Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland   
         Percussionist in American Music Abroad Bronze Tour