Composition & Lyrical Credits

  • Composition and Lyrical Credits

    Lyrics for Performed Pieces
    Unless otherwise specified, all pieces listed below are also composed by Amanda Rachel Breslow

    • "Ripple" (in development)
         Full length animated musical with composer Ellie Cumming
    • "Keeper of the Flame" (in development)
         Full length musical with composer Angela Little
    • "Through the Gate" (2015)
         Theatre piece
    • "The Ghost" (2014)
         Choral piece
    • "Follow Me, He Said" (2014)
         Art Song
    • "Necia" (2014)
         Avant garde Art Song

    Compositions for Literature:

    • "P.R.A.U." (2015) for mixed orchestra
          multi-media literary project by Gutter Island Productions

    Compositions for Multimedia:                                    

    • • "If A Tree Falls" (2013)
           Student Advanced Practicum Film- directed by Zina Yun

    • • Intro Music for PUSH (2013)
            Podcast- directed by Kathlene Boone
    • • "Dual Resolutions" (2012)
           Student Film- directed by Leslie Wishnevski
    • • "Beauty Has No Number" (2011)
           Student PSA- directed by Rachel Doe
    • • "Violence Against Women" (2011)
           Student PSA- directed by Rachel Doe
    • • "The Painting" (2009)
           Student Film- directed by Leslie Wishnevski
    • • "All In" (2009)
           Student Film- directed by Jen Gribbin
    • • "Minds-A-Wander: Spain" (2009)
           Educational Program- produced by Las Dos Chicas

    Concert Performed Compositions:

    • • The Months After (2015)  Chicago, IL *
             For Solo Percussion, premiered by Adam Shead
    • • Through the Gate (2015)  Chicago, IL
             Theatre Piece for Small Ensemble: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Percussion
    • The Ghost (2014)  Chicago, IL
             For SATB Choir
    • Castle 1, Boss Level (2014)  Chicago, IL
             Trio for Mallet Percussion
    • Follow Me, He Said Variation 1 (2014)  Chicago, IL
             Trio for Mezzo Soprano, Cello, Vibraphone
    • • Necia (2014)  Chicago, IL
              Trio for Bass Voice with Singing Bowl, Bass, and Vibraphone
    • Feijen's Room (2013)  Chicago, IL
             For String Orchestra
    • Magdalene (2014 ) New York, NY
             For Four-Part Female Voice, premiered by Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
    • • Jean (2012)  Chicago, IL
             Trio for Flute, Harp, Viola
    • • Jemina, The Mountain Girl (2012)  Chicago, IL
             One Act Musical co-created with Ben Nichols


    • • “West Side Story/The Newies Mash Up” (2012) *
             For Piano, performed by Jiggawhat Productions

      * Commissioned Works